This Support Group under the name of Northcoast Lupus & Fibromyalgia Support Group was founded in 1988 by Janet Thomas in Seaside, 
Oregon; Carolyn & Jerry Glein took over from Janet in the spring of 1990. Monthly meetings were held in Oregon, a monthly newsletter 
was published & this website made up the 3 point support group.  In mid-2000, Carolyn's systemic lupus went into a remission and she & 
Jerry were able to fulfill a dream by selling their home in Oregon, moving into their motorhome,  and enabling them to travel the 
United States, often enabling speaking at other groups along with meeting members who had been receiving their newsletter over the 

No longer a part of the meetings on the Oregon Coast, we changed the name of the newsletter and this website to MY Lupus & Fibro 
Support Group which reaches across the oceans to many who need information and education about their chronic illnesses.  It's been a 
labor of love for those of us who keep this website filled with up to date information, Julia Kegg RN, Patrick McNeese webmaster, and 
myself.  We want you to feel like it is YOUR website when you go to My Lupus/Fibro Support Group.

Our quarterly newsletter that is sent to 5 countries is in it's last year...the last issues will be December 2011.  This website will 
continue and hopefully we will be able to spend more time with it . Not many people post here or ask questions but we definitely 
encourage you to do both when you enter the forum.  Please enjoy what you find here and know we are here to answer your questions, 
please feel free to post or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
Know that we DO care!                          Carolyn, Director

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